The Untold Story

Genre: Nonfiction; Author: Iain Calder

After cutting his teeth during Scotland’s tabloid wars in the early ’60s, Iain Calder became the London bureau chief of The National Enquirer, his employer for the next 30 years. The Untold Story is both a memoir of the laddish expat author and a history of the scandal rag and its mercurial, allegedly Mob-connected owner. While Calder sprinkles in a few (now stale) anecdotes about Jackie O. and Gary Hart, mostly it’s a lot of back-patting, focusing more on the Enquirer’s impact and human-interest stories than its tawdry tales of titillation. That angle may help Calder sleep better at night, but it also makes ”Story” read like a deluded whitewash steeped in denial.

Originally posted July 30 2004 — 12:00 AM EDT

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