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E Street's Little Steven: My top 5 garage bands

In honor of Aug. 14's International Underground Garage Festival, E Street guitarist and ''Sopranos'' actor Steve Van Zandt selects key bands in the history of garage rock

Steven Van Zandt

(Little Steven Van Zandt: Theo Wargo/WireImage.com)

Don’t tell Adriana, but Steve Van Zandt is anything but a killer. In fact, the ”Sopranos” star and E Street Band guitarist has devoted much of his recent time to bringing his favorite music back from the dead. Garage rock, the grimy, three-chord sound embraced by artists from Bo Diddley to the Ramones, has made a return to the mainstream, thanks in part to ”Little Steven’s Underground Garage,” a syndicated radio show that has helped break the likes of Jet and the Hives. Now, Van Zandt is planning the mammoth International Underground Garage Festival, set for Aug. 14 on New York’s Randall’s Island and boasting more than three dozen bands, including Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Big Star, and the Strokes. Read on to find out which of those acts Van Zandt includes in his top-5 list, as told to EW.com senior writer Brian Hiatt.