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EW recommends that you download these songs

– Do Creed suck less with a brand-new lead singer? Satisfy your morbid curiosity with ”Open Your Eyes,” the gloomy first single from the Scott Stapp-less ALTER BRIDGE. ALTERBRIDGE.COM

PRINCE’s creative renaissance continues unabated with the new ”The United States of Division,” a ”virtual B side” that marries Chili Peppers-esque funk-rock to politically conscious lyrics. PGMUSICCLUB.COM

– Lollapalooza may be no more, but you can still hear MORRISSEY live. Mope to the ex-Smiths singer’s new online-only concert version of his wry ”First of the Gang to Die.” MORRISSEYMUSIC.COM

– Want to indulge in ’70s and ’90s nostalgia simultaneously? Try Clinton-era rapper MASE’s typically mush-mouthed comeback single, ”Welcome Back,” which samples the ”Welcome Back, Kotter” theme. ITUNES.COM

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