Mandi Bierly
August 13, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Religion, talking lions, and lesbians — ”Wonderfalls” had it all, except viewers. Fox canceled the slacker-as-messiah series after just four episodes. Luckily for fans, the producers shot 13 hours (on DVD in January), and with some divine intervention, a feature film may happen. We talked to the producers to find out how the show would have unfolded.

Where We Left Off
Alienated from her wack job of a family, Brown grad Jaye (Caroline Dhavernas) works at a Niagara Falls gift shop, as talking tchotchkes ask her to do the unthinkable — help others. Her flirtation with bartender Eric (Tyron Leitso) heats up.

What Would Have Happened
Jaye and Eric’s romance is thwarted when his estranged wife, Heidi, reappears. The muses ask Jaye to ”mend what is broken,” so she reluctantly stands by as Heidi and Eric renew their vows. Then told to ”save him from her,” Jaye wrongly believes that Heidi is a killer and stalks the newlyweds. (Don’t fret, there’s a happy ending.)

Even Weirder
Jaye’s lesbian sister, Sharon, has sex with girlfriend Beth, who just had sex with ex-husband Thomas. Digest. Now read on: Sharon ends up pregnant, setting up a ”miracle birth” in season 2.

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