Ken Tucker
August 14, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

What show have you liked more as it has aged?

”3rd Rock From the Sun” failed to impress me in its first run, but I’ve fallen in love with the show in syndication. Go figure! What TV show have you liked more as it has aged? — Steve Gano
That’s easy, Steve: ”Coach.” Just kidding! Let’s see — I admit it took the brilliant ”South Park” feature film for me to appreciate how good the TV series is. This year’s parody of ”The Passion of the Christ” only confirmed its ongoing excellence ”as it has aged,” in your words, even if its cartoon kids haven’t. And it took my brother urging me to watch ”The Addams Family,” now on TV Land, to realize what a wonderful comic team John Astin and Carolyn Jones were. I was too young (read: too snobby) to appreciate them the first time around.

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