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Lynette Rice
August 20, 2004 AT 12:00 PM EDT

”Big Brother”: Will gets the boot — and the spotlight

Whoo boy, did Will just call Adria a Bible-thumping homophobe on national TV? That was a pretty volatile exit interview with the ousted NYC nurse when he said how curious it was that Adria got a divine message from Jesus in the HOH room (who knew the big guy was such a huge fan?) and next thing you know, the only gay guy gets the boot. In fact, a lot was made this week about how ”BB”?s minorities got put up for eviction. I?m not so inclined to believe Marvin got targeted for his race, but I?m willing to think homophobia played a role in Adria?s surprising decision to oust Will.

What else could it be? Just a few weeks ago, Ms. Bootylicious pinky-swore that she?d stay close to Will (loved the moment, btw, when he gyrated in his G-string last week. Looks as if he did too). This should have been a slam-dunk week to eliminate one of the final Horsemen. But then Adria does an about face and targets the most beloved member — not to mention least offensive — member of the house. Why not Karen? She talks to herself! Why not Cowboy? He embarrasses himself!  Why not Drew? He friggin? shaves himself? Everywhere! I didn?t think I could hate twins so much (I have two young fraternals of my own), but I sure loathe these two. And spare me the martyr routine, Adria, and how it would be your ”honor” to cast the deciding vote for eviction so your houseguests won?t have to. I haven?t heard such a load of crap from the ”Big Brother” house since ”BB4”?s Scott was supposedly ”evicted” for throwing chairs when, in reality, he scared the bejesus out of everybody for having herpes.

”If karma is a boomerang, I?ll see you sooner rather than later,” Will mumbled on his way out of the house (thank god for TiVo because it it took me three tries to figure that one out). Is that boy psychic or what? You’d think he just got a divine message from Jesus saying that Nakomis was about to win HOH! Man, that was a sweet competition (Natalie was out in the first round, even!), giving Nik her second win. Somewhere, Jase is clapping and flippin’ ol’ Adria the bird. Or maybe he’s just flappin’ his arms and doing that ”Zoolander” thing with his lips. I can’t be sure.

If Nakomis is smart (and can I just take a moment to say how amazing it is that I’ve completely forgotten her original name?), she?ll put the twins up and hope Adria takes the fall. Most encouraging development: Diane defying her so-called alliance with the twins by voting to evict Marvin rather than Will. This could be read two ways; Adria insisted that’d she’d break a tie so Diane, being the lapdog that she can be, follows Adria’s direction and makes it a split vote. Or Diane is finally realizing that Nakomis is the stronger player and is actually steering clear of the twins. Game on! Just somebody takes the razor away from Drew, already. That whole obsession with smooth skin is just too creepy for words.

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