Karyn L. Barr
August 20, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The words Amish and breakout star don?t normally go together, but that was before viewers met Mose. The ”Amish in the City” housemate recently talked to EW about biblical allusions, his chest, and rumspringa gone wild.

Ever want to yell at your housemates, ”Hey, it?s Mose, not Moses!”

Nah. Actually I?ve been called Moses forever. A lot of people also call me Mosie or Mo. And then there?s some who call me names that I don?t want to repeat.

Parting with the chest hair. Discuss.

I just wanted to get along with [the non-Amish kids] by whatever means it took. Turns out it took a lot more than a shaved chest to make them happy.

Buggies are cool and all, but wouldn?t you rather hop into a sweet ride, like a Camaro?

Nah, traffic kills me. You can sit in it for an hour and go five miles. I could get out and walk faster.

Please tell me how the beano stick works.

Hmm…there are only a few chosen people who get to know how to do the beano stick. I?m keeping it that way.

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