Tee shirt spoofs pricey fashion logos

Tee shirt spoofs pricey fashion logos --The ''Je Deteste Fakes'' parodies trendy ''J'Adore Dior'' tee and wins over Cameron Diaz and Christina Aguilera as fans

Tired of those overpriced ”J?Adore Dior” tees, L.A.-based designer Rocio Soler whipped up a sartorial retort. And voilà! ”Je Déteste Fakes” tanks that send up logo-happy fashion victims. ”I wanted to do a funny spoof,”she says. Soon, her cheeky – and affordable – Jolie Vie label (Cameron Diaz and Christina Aguilera are fans of the $40 tees; there?s also a snarky greeting card line) will take on overpampered tots: The upcoming spring line includes an ”I Only Fly First Class” baby onesie. Sadly, the irony will no doubt be lost on some customers.

Originally posted August 20 2004 — 12:00 AM EDT

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