Geoff Keighley and Gregory Kirschling
August 20, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

TELEVISION Just as he once belted out those funny ”An-geh-lah”’s and ”Saa-man-tahh”s on ”Who?s the Boss?”, now Tony Danza will have a new one: ”Errr-eh-kah!” Ereka Vetrini, the ”Apprentice” castoff who tangled with Omarosa, will be his new sidekick on ”The Tony Danza Show,” his syndicated gabfest beginning Sept. 13. ”They describe me as a female alter ego, not a cohost,” explains Vetrini, who?ll have a ”back-and-forth” with Danza at the top of each show and report from red carpets and stuff like that. This is like when Elisabeth Hasselbeck went from ”Survivor 2” to ”The View,” and — wait a minute — Ereka and Elisabeth actually were at Boston College together! Vetrini says she hasn?t asked Hasselbeck for showbiz advice yet: ”I saw her at a wedding recently, but I didn?t get into it. I think when you?re with friends, you don?t really want to talk business, you know?” Trump has taught her well… Director Jim Sheridan is teaming up with his daughter and In Americacoscreenwriter Naomi to create an NBC dramedy pilot called ”Three Brothers.” ”It?s about an Irish father, who?s not me, who comes over to America and opens an Irish restaurant, which doesn?t work,” he explains. ”So he changes it to an Italian restaurant.” That sounds quirky. ”It?s something like ‘Northern Exposure,”’ says Sheridan, who?s working on two films: One?s about ”an American political family,? the other?s about ?growing up in Dublin.”

MOVIES We hate them already: Ralph Fiennes will play the villainous Voldemort in the ”Goblet of Fire” Harry Potter movie, and Matt Dillon, forever the Flamingo Kid, will play the bad guy in ”Herbie: Fully Loaded,” theLove Bug update costarring Lindsay Lohan.

VIDEOGAMES Forget commercials in Japan: Cool famous people love to do videogames these days. Colin Farrell is expected to talk in his Alexander the Great voice for the PC version of his November Oliver Stone epic. And the first-person shooter ”Area 51,” based on that old Midway game about aliens, will feature David Duchovny as the hero and — ha ha ha — Marilyn Manson as the mysterious alien guide.

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