Darryl Worley: Mark Morrison/Retna; Bruce Springsteen: J. Scott Wynn/Retna
EW Staff
August 25, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Celebs and politics: should they mix? Talk about it

Does Tom Cruise have the right idea? Though campaign records suggest he’s a Democrat, he refused to discuss his politics in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. After all, stars risk heavy backlash when they speak out politically — just ask the Dixie Chicks. And some seem to hurt their causes more than they help: Whoopi Goldberg’s risqué jokes at a recent fundraiser proved a major embarrassment to Sen. John Kerry, while President George W. Bush probably isn’t too thankful for the ardent support of Vincent Gallo, director and star of the sexually explicit art film ”The Brown Bunny.” Then again, some entertainers have had better luck in the political arena — namely, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

With country artists (like Darryl Worley) lining up behind Bush for the Republican National Convention, and with Bruce Springsteen leading a tour of anti-Bush rockers, celebs on both the left and the right are highly visible in this election year. Is a star’s endorsement of a candidate likely to sway your vote? Would you boycott an entertainer whose politics you oppose? Are stars using their fame to wake up the public, or are they getting a louder voice than they deserve? Tell us what you think below.

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