After the Fall

Starring: Carla Gugino, Peter Krause; Director: Michael Mayer; Author: Arthur Miller

After the Fall is an atypical Arthur Miller tragedy – incorporating time travel, a narrator, and autobiographical elements. The 1964 play probes the troubled psyche of lawyer hero Quentin (Peter Krause), from a smothering mother and a tempestuous second marriage to fragile singer Maggie (evoking Miller’s once wife Marilyn Monroe) to his sociopolitical struggles (recalling the life-destroying House Un-American Activities Committee in the ’50s). It’s a dense, messy play in need of a dynamic star, and Krause is nearly as stiff as one of the corpses on his full-time gig, ”Six Feet Under.” But there’s sensual life in Carla Gugino’s pill-popping Maggie, and for all the (at times overwhelming) information coming at you, the mind of a Miller man is always a fascinating place to be.

Originally posted September 3 2004 — 12:00 AM EDT

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