Timothy Gunatilaka
September 03, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

We dished about pol parties and larger-than-life wigs with the comedian-cumrabble-rouser, whose third concert, ”Revolution” (Unrated, 85 mins., Wellspring), is out on DVD and whose newest nationwide tour, State of Emergency, is in full swing.

What did you think of the Democratic convention?

It reminded me of convenience stores my family used to run. Whenever Korean people get a business, everybody works behind the counter. Democrats are a lot like Koreans: Each has a turn at the podium.

How has your comedy evolved?

I?ve become a more mature, concerned person, getting involved with a global struggle as opposed to struggling to be in my skin. ”Revolution” was more focused on taking the personal and political and moving it outward to the world.

You wear a wig in ”Revolution”. Any big hairdos in ”State of Emergency”?

The Farrah thing does not work on my head. I look like a not very high-priced Las Vegas prostitute, or a parttime Hawaiian jeweler.

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