Family Bonds: Michelle Hood
Ken Tucker
September 05, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

HBO’s Family Bond cameras tail bullet-headed, leathered Tom Evangelista. HBO may permit Evangelista and company to use the F-word a lot, but it can’t squeeze much juice out of its ripe premise. In fact, Evangelista’s loudmouth bail-bonds crew seem to take forever to find culprits and have trouble reading maps of Manhattan. ”Family Bonds” is virtually a commercial for which firm not to hire if you live in New York City. The series’ best scenes have nothing to do with the subject. Instead, they’re the times Tom’s wife, Flo, goes to her manicurist, and she and her gal pals gab with hilarious explicitness about their bodacious sex lives.

The bail bondsman’s life in ”Family Bonds” looks like tedious drudge work, but the bounty-hunter ethos Chapman has cobbled together from experience and self-help philosophy rings true.

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