Gary Susman
September 07, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Having thoroughly skewered the mainstream TV news programs and their coverage of politics and current events, the channel that brought you ”The Daily Show” is about to take aim at TV entertainment news coverage. Variety reports that Comedy Central is mulling not one but two nightly showbiz news spoofs. One comes from former ”Daily Show” producer-correspondent Brian Unger, the other from David Spade, who practically invented the showbiz-news parody with his ”Hollywood Minute” segments on ”Saturday Night Live” a decade ago.

Unger’s program is called ”The Hollywood Show.” Like ”Access Hollywood” or ”Entertainment Tonight,” it’ll contain celebrity interviews and field segments. Unger knows the turf, having served briefly as an anchor on ”Extra.” ”It helps to see the thing you’re satirizing up close,” Unger told Variety. ”I took the darkest part of being an ‘Extra’ anchor and applied it to ‘The Hollywood Show.”’

Spade is co-creating his show, ”Gone Hollywood,” with Hugh Fink, who cowrote the drive-by hits on celebrity newsmakers that Spade delivered on ”Hollywood Minute.” Fink said that the pair decided to expand those commentaries into a half-hour show because a minute ”isn’t long enough anymore” to spoof TV’s daily helpings of publicist-crafted entertainment news stories. ”America knows better, but our only option is watching advertisements of entertainment,” he said.

Spade won’t be delivering his patented barbs himself; Comedy Central vet Greg Giraldo (”Shorties Watchin’ Shorties”) would host. It’s not clear which of the two showbiz spoofs has the edge, but ”The Hollywood Show” already has a pilot in the can, while ”Gone Hollywood” won’t shoot one until October. Note to Spade and Fink: It’s called being first out of the gate; look into it.

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