Missy Schwartz
September 17, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Dust off those broomsticks, Bewitched fans. After languishing in development for more than a decade, Sony’s adaptation of the now-kitschy 1960s TV series is finally taking flight — with a meta-detour of Charlie Kaufman proportions. The studio would not comment, but according to one cast member, the film (written and directed by You’ve Got Mail’s Nora Ephron) won’t follow the straightforward approaches of such recent small-to-big-screen jumps as Starsky & Hutch. ”The movie’s about making the remake of the television show, and I’m the head writer of that show,” explains Stephen Colbert (The Daily Show). ”Will Ferrell plays a washed-up actor who’s reviving his career by doing the remake, and I have to deal with his ego.” Nicole Kidman, meanwhile, stars as Isabel Bigelow, a witch who lands the lead role of Samantha Stephens on the revived series. But what truly has our noses a-twitchin’ is news that Strangers With Candy’s Amy Sedaris will appear as the Stephens’ nosy neighbor, Gladys Kravitz (famously played on TV by Alice Pearce). Consider us enchanted.

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