Lil' Kim: Dan Herrick-KPA/ZUMA Press
Brian Hiatt
September 25, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

When Lil’ Kim named her 1996 debut album Hard Core, she was referring to the gangsta poses and NC-17 sex banter of ”Not Tonight” and her other songs. But it turns out the fashion-forward Brooklyn rapper is also a hardcore videogame fan who’s been twiddling joysticks since the early ’80s. Now, alongside the likes of Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg, Lil’ Kim is fulfilling every gamer’s fantasy: She’s a playable character in the new rapper-versus-rapper fighting title Def Jam Fight for NYC. As the multiplatform Fight for NYC hits stores, Kim tells senior writer Brian Hiatt about her all-time favorite games.

Ms. Pac-Man (arcade, 1981) Pac-Man came first, and I started waiting for the female version as soon I heard it was coming. It’s very challenging, because the more you clear the board, the faster it goes. It’s such an adrenaline rush. And she’s hot — she’s got the bow. [Laughs] The bow is everything — it’s what makes you excited about playing.

Donkey Kong (arcade, 1981) Mario is so short and you know he’s an old man. He was an old man when I was 8, so he’s got to be 100 years old now. And the fun part was jumping over those little logs. I love Super Mario Bros. too, but Donkey Kong is the best.

Fight Night 2004 (PlayStation 2, Xbox, 2004) It gives you the sense of how boxers feel when they’re in the ring. Fight Night is perfect if you’re a real boxing fan like I am, because the characters that are in the game have all the qualities the real boxer is known for. Like Lennox Lewis is known for his long arms, and they put that in the game. It’s really realistic.

Wave Race: Blue Storm (GameCube, 2002) It’s this jet skiing game. I don’t play it much, but when I play it, I love it. I love to jet ski in real life, in Miami. And I’m really good at the game.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (PlayStation 2, Xbox, 2002) It’s fun and it’s unbelievable. The way you run over people. How can you have a game where you pull people out of their cars and shoot them? And you have sex with a prostitute. And people talk about rap music [being graphic]! I can’t believe it. It’s like, Are you crazy? You better not say another word about rap music.

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