Apprentice 2: Eric Liebowitz
Gary Susman
October 01, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Last season, Kwame and many of the other also-rans on The Apprentice managed to parlay their firings by The Donald into job opportunities for themselves. This season, it isn’t quite working out that way. Case in point. Jennifer Crisafulli, sent packing from the boardroom on Wednesday, apparently lost her real-life job on Thursday as a result of the allegedly anti-Semitic slur she uttered during the broadcast. Jennifer C. had been a Realtor with Prudential Douglas Elliman, a top Manhattan real estate firm. On Thursday, however, Elliman senior vice president Steven James told the Albany Times Union: ”We do not intend to have an individual in our organization who subscribes to this point of view.” An NBC spokesperson told the paper it was the first time someone had lost their day job as a result of their behavior on the show.

During the episode, Jennifer C. had disparaged two customers whom she blamed for negative reviews of her team’s restaurant. ”It was those two old, Jewish fat ladies,” she told teammates. ”Really. They were like the pinnacle of the New York jaded old bags.” On Thursday, Crisafulli told NBC’s Today that she had followed those remarks by noting on-camera that she has Jewish relatives, but that bit of context was left out of the final edit of the episode. ”I feel terrible about this. I hope people don’t think about me in the wrong way,” she told the Times Union, adding that she was considering legal action. ”What do I do? Lawyers across America … I need help — pro bono.”

Faring better is Stacie Jones Upchurch, eliminated on last week’s show, but who may now confront Donald Trump in a bit of karmic payback. According to the New York Daily News, Stacie J. has a new job as spokeswoman and adviser for Casino Fortune, a Trinidad-based online gambling firm that has made an unsolicited bid to bail out Trump’s debt-burdened Atlantic City casinos by buying a one-third interest for $400 million. According to the paper, Trump’s hotels could use the money, especially now that Credit Suisse First Boston has backed away from a $345 million bailout offer, but Trump told the Daily News he was not impressed with Casino Fortune or its new spokeswoman. ”It’s just a publicity stunt they’re playing,” he said. Like that’s a bad thing.

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