EW Staff
October 01, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Regrettably, Emmy exec Don Mischer can’t explain why The West Wing‘s Allison Janney snagged yet another statue — but he can answer our other burning questions.

Whose idea was it to do the live bathroom bit with Garry Shandling, Ray Romano, and Chris Rock at urinals?

”Garry’s. We had the idea to do something live with Ray, and on the way down Garry grabbed Chris for the bit. I had no idea what was coming.”

Did you cut speeches short this year?

They were 40 seconds like last year. ”ABC said I had to get the show off the air on time.”

But why cut Meryl Streep and not Al Pacino?

”We don’t sit there and weigh the content of speeches and then make the decision whether we should [cut them]. These decisions are made based on where you are with time.”

What was James Gandolfini trying to say before his microphone was cut off?

Mischer said he had no idea that the Sopranos star wanted to give a shout-out to a platoon of soldiers in Iraq who’d named their Bradley fighting vehicle Stugots—after Tony Soprano’s boat. ”When David Chase finished, James’ mic was cut off because Garry was talking on the other side of the stage.”

Were those real TV fans who came on stage with Shandling?

You bet. Mischer found Amy Scholsohn, 23, of Orlando, and Bruce T. Milam Jr., 26, of Joliet, Ill., by riffling through applications for ABC’s Extreme Makeover. Instead of coming to L.A. for surgery, the duo were told they were about to audition for a variety show and were set up in a trailer behind the Emmys in blindfolds and earmuffs. ”We didn’t want them to hear or see anything. We crossed our fingers…and it was wonderful.”

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