EW Staff
October 01, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

[X] Write/exec-produce fourth season of Alias, direct a few eps (what color wig for Jen G?)

[X] ABC’s Lost—Inform writing staff of ban on coconut radios and phrase ”little buddy”

[  ] Create sitcom for Cheri Oteri

[  ] Exec-produce new dramas—Pros and Cons for ABC and Six Degrees for The WB (brainstorm witty retorts to inevitable Kevin Bacon jokes)

[  ] Plan Felicity reunion party (call Chuck E. Cheese’s)

[  ] Write Superman

[  ] Rewrite Mission: Impossible 3 (scene where Tom dances in underwear?)

[X] Change Brita filter (waaay overdue! Where’s my head?)

[  ] Direct Mission: Impossible 3 (due July 2006! No extensions!)

[  ] Crunches

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