Jeff Labrecque
October 01, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The Arkansas-bred sitcom producer and longtime FOB (Friend of Bill) chats about how politics and entertainment drove him to make The Hunting of the President.

Was it difficult to make an objective film about a close friend?

I knew when I made it I would have very little credibility, but we tried to address that: Tell the story straight and let the people who are interviewed say whatever they want.

How did you get Morgan Freeman to narrate?

Just called him and said, ”I’ll fly to Memphis and I’ll buy you barbecue if you’ll narrate this film.”

What were Clinton’s impressions of the film?

He was still speaking to me when it was over, so I presumed it was okay.

How is Hollywood different from Washington?

In Washington, when your career is dead, they want to keep it dead. In Hollywood, you come up with a good movie and all of a sudden, you’re on top again. Give me Hollywood anytime!

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