Gregory Kirschling
October 01, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

It took the director of Super Size Me 14 months to lose the 25 pounds he gained during the month he ate only McDonald’s food for his smash documentary.

What’s your diet now?

Pretty much whatever—I just pay attention to calories. I still love a good burger, but for me a good burger comes from a mom-and-pop restaurant, someplace with fresh ground beef and great cheese, not that glow-in-the-dark cheese at McDonald’s.

You still haven’t talked to U.S. McDonald’s bigwigs?

Aw, no, they don’t want to talk to me. They want to tell you about all the salads they got! ”Look at these salads! Here’s a pedometer. Go for a walk and have a salad!” It’s a joke.

What’s next for the movie?

We’re planning a tour with colleges and junior highs this fall, and we’re coming out with a family-friendly DVD version for kids. That’s the place we can really make a difference, with parents and teachers and kids.

McDonald’s is phasing out Super Sizing, but I kinda miss the Super Size fries. They were my favorite hangover cure.

Isn’t a large big enough? If that doesn’t cure you, c’mon!

Well, I gave up McDonald’s because of the movie. But I still like Wendy’s. Is that bad?

Yeah, it’s bad. [Laughs] What happened to me could’ve happened at any of these chains. I just picked McDonald’s because they’re iconic. My advice is to go home and make your own burger.

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