Mandi Bierly and Gregory Kirschling
October 08, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

MOVIES So what if Alfie’s Jude Law is in six whole movies this fall? What’s he doing next? After wrapping All the King’s Men with Sean Penn, he’ll star in Dexterity for Miracle director Gavin O’Connor, and he’ll play — cue up Bon Jovi’s ”Livin’ on a Prayer” — a blue-collar factory man in love with a factory girl and livin’ in a dying factory town?.What’s it like to star in a movie when your dad is directing, your brother is the cinematographer, and your mom is costarring? ”It’s really, really easy,” reports Some Kind of Wonderful‘s Mary Stuart Masterson, who’s filming Intervention, an indie about staging an intervention on a hard-drinking playwright, with director/dad Peter Masterson; director of photography/bro Peter Masterson Jr.; and actress/mom Carlin Glynn. ”Every now and then,” she laughs, ”my brother calls out to my dad, and he says ‘Pete!’ and Dad doesn’t respond, so he says ‘DA-AD!’ and he turns around.” Clearly, making movies with your family is fun! ”I feel like we’re the Flying Wallendas,” she laughs. ”We gotta take it on the road, it’s a little bit ridiculous.”… Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball loves Towelhead so much — that’s Alicia Erian’s upcoming novel about a 13-year-old ”half-Irish, half-Lebanese” girl — that he plans to turn it into his feature-film directorial debut. ”I love its casual multiculturalism,” Ball says. ”I love how funny it is, and the frankness of its depiction of someone’s developing sexuality. It’s heartbreaking and kind of brutal.” Just like Six Feet Under! Speaking of, what was up with David’s nightmare crack/ stickup odyssey this season? ”I know a lot of people felt like it went too far, and I just feel like, ‘Uh, someone going through a violent thing is traumatizing — what a concept,”’ Ball says. ”I definitely wanted the episode itself to be traumatizing.” He succeeded, no?

TELEVISION ”It’s like Saturday Night Live crossed with The Nightmare Before Christmas,” says Without a Paddle‘s Seth Green of the 20-episode untitled stop-motion project he’s coproducing and voicing for the Cartoon Network. It’s a ”variety show” that will lampoon pop culture and current events with, for example, ”bloopers from your favorite cartoons or TV shows.” (Bloopers, always fun.)

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