The Exorcist: Everett Collection
EW Staff
October 18, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The Exorcist

Starring Linda Blair, Ellen Burstyn
Directed by William Friedkin
First released 1973

WHY Because it’s the least subtle but most undeniably scary story of Satanic possession ever made, and it’s most people’s benchmark of modern horror.

PEAK SHRIEK You can keep the head spinning and pea-soup vomit. The part that really freaks us out is when Linda Blair’s skin gets that “help me?” rash.

DVD EXTRAS “The Version You’ve Never Seen” DVD has 12 minutes of previously unseen footage — including the notorious “spider walk” sequence. The “25th Anniversary” DVD preserves the original cut and ponies up an excellent BBC documentary about the film.

 No. 3 No. 1 


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