EW Staff
October 18, 2004 AT 04:00 AM EDT

ROB LOWE ”I went as a baby in diapers not too long ago. But that is probably a weird image and I shouldn’t go there.”

PAUL REISER ”Jeffrey Katzenberg.”

ROSE McGOWAN ”A fat jogger.”

GEORGE CLOONEY ”I once went dressed in a milk carton with my face sticking out of the side, and it said, ‘Have you seen this child lately?’ People seemed to like it.”

DENISE RICHARDS ”I went as a hobo once.”

ROB REINER ”I always dressed up like Emmett Kelly Jr., a famous old clown with a hobo look.”

SHARON LAWRENCE ”I was a geisha girl one year in college. And let me tell you, a geisha at a frat party is a popular girl.”

ANDY DICK ”I was a man falling out of a building. It happens also to be the cheapest. All you need is a coat hanger — to make your tie go up — and hair spray.”

JAMES WOODS ”I went as [killer] Gary Gilmore with a target on my chest.”


MENA SUVARI ”A Crayola crayon. I was pink and my brother was red.”

KEVIN POLLAK ”Christopher Walken. Don’t ask.”

JANE KRAKOWSKI ”Laura Ingalls Wilder from Little House on the Prairie.”

NORA DUNN ”I was a scarecrow, and my mom stuck a broom through my shirtsleeves and I looked like I was crucified all night.”

ICE CUBE ”I went as Jason from the Friday the 13th movies four or five years ago. I got the mask and everything, but people still recognized me.”

DONNIE WAHLBERG ”Mark and I dressed up in my sister’s ballet outfits.”

KELLIE MARTIN ”I was Madonna. But everyone was Madonna. I didn’t know what a virgin was, but I was dressed ‘like a virgin’ in lace and gloves.”

PORTIA DE ROSSI ”The last four years I’ve dressed as a princess. First I think vampire, because bloodsucking appeals to me. But then all of a sudden there’s a tiara on my head.”


CHRISTINE LAHTI ”I was a witch every year.”

HEAVY D ”Dracula has always been my favorite.”

JENNIFER TILLY ”We were too poor to afford those really fabulous ones, so we were gypsies instead.”

KELLI WILLIAMS ”Wonder Woman.”

MICHAEL MICHELE ”When I think of Halloween costumes, I think of hot plastic masks. That’s what I wore most of the time.”


BILL PULLMAN ”A farmer. I took my roller skates apart and put the wheels under a stuffed cow so I could pull [her] along with me. I thought it was so clever for a fourth-grader.”

MARK McGRATH ”The Head & Shoulders guy with the shaving cream on his head and the robe. It is cheap as hell and everyone knows who you are.”

ILLEANA DOUGLAS ”I’d have to go with the year that I was Liza Minnelli and I showed up at a party and no one else was in costume.”

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