Damn Yankees

Genre: Musical; Starring: Gwen Verdon, Tab Hunter, Ray Walston; Director: Stanley Donen, George Abbott; MPAA Rating: Unrated; Distributor: Warner Bros.

The plotline is older than dirt: Die-hard baseball fan sells his soul to the devil (Ray Walston) to become a young phenom (Tab Hunter) who helps his beloved Washington Senators win the pennant. Along the way, it’s hard not to fast-forward past stuff like teammates shuffling across the clubhouse singing ”We’ve got heart/All you really need is heart.” But there are still reasons to revisit this musty old treasure: like Gwen Verdon singing — but, more importantly, slinking — her way through ”Whatever Lola Wants”; dueting with the movie’s choreographer, future husband Bob Fosse, for the mambo number ”Who’s Got the Pain?”; and belting out the saloon song ”Two Lost Souls,” which drunkenly erupts into a glorious ensemble number, full of sexy Fosse moves. Now that’s dancing!

EXTRAS Not much to write about here — except the campily corny original theatrical trailer for the movie.

Originally posted October 22 2004 — 12:00 AM EDT

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