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EW reviews books about weathermen heroes

EW reviews books about weathermen heroes

There’s very little sunshine in the lives of the weathermen in these two novels. Whirlwind’s Lucas Prouty is a lonely, OCD-ridden meteorologist in a second-rate market; Weatherman’s Taylor Wakefield is a shell-shocked former whiz kid permanently scarred by a death he witnessed as a boy in civil rights-era Alabama. While Clint McCown’s occasionally too colorful Weatherman uses the job as a jump-off into a soupy morass of murder, corruption, and two-left-feet romance, Michael Grant Jaffe’s quieter, more thoughtful, and ultimately less satisfying Whirlwind explores the effects of sudden, extreme fame on a flawed everyman — who just happens to be genuinely passionate about barometric pressure. Save both, perhaps, for a rainy day. Weatherman: B Whirlwind: B-

Originally posted October 22 2004 — 12:00 AM EDT

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