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November 05, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

A look at a couple of other letters from fans that truly tugged at the band’s collective heartstrings

My wish for Switchfoot would be to play a show that my two little sisters (ages 16 and 17) would be able to attend. Possibly at their school. Last year my father had a stroke and is now under home care. My mother handles most of his needs, but one of my sisters always has to be home to help her if she needs it. This seriously hinders their social activities and keeps them from doing a lot of things that a teenager likes to do, like hang out with friends, go to the mall, and most important, go to concerts. — Brian Kinser

JEROME Brian, that’s a great idea.

JON You know what we could do? We could bring them to a VIP section of one of the shows we play near them, or we could play a show at their high school. There’s a million ways to make it happen; it’s a great idea.

As awesome as it would be for Switchfoot to hang out with me at work, I think it would be cooler if they gave a large concert for a good cause — perhaps to raise money for HIV/AIDS programs in Africa and Southeast Asia. These programs are inexpensive by U.S. standards, so every dollar earned could go a long way. That’s what I’d wish for. ?Tony Contento

TIM Tony, you’re a good man. It’s a really great idea.

JON We’re hoping to get to Africa in January, so maybe we can do something then that would tie in to that.

CHAD That would be great. This is a winner.

JON Let’s give it a shot, man.

The band is currently working on fulfilling both of these readers’ requests.

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