Whitney Pastorek
November 05, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Chingy is under the weather. But the 24-year-old multiplatinum St. Louis Rapper — whose sophomore effort, Powerballin’, is due in stores Nov. 16 — is still good to go, so long as the drinks of choice are sodas in the lounge of his Manhattan hotel. Fortunately, the man who never met an ”urr” sound he didn’t like gets caffeinated enough to open up about everything from ass-shaking to being called Howard. (Yep. Howard.)

Round 1: Graduate Schoolin’

L2T Would you call what you’re wearing right now bling? [He’s wearing the following diamond accessories: two necklaces, a ring, a bracelet, a watch with a three-inch dial, and earrings approximately the size of dimes.]

CHINGY This is power bling.

L2T What’s the difference?

CHINGY Power bling is this. Regular bling is prolly a little silver chain with a charm on there. And prolly a little bracelet with some baguettes. And a watch with just diamonds going around the face. That’s a little bling. I graduated from that over the summer.

L2T Was that your summer project?

CHINGY Yeah. ”Move on to power bling.”

Round 2: Howard Hues

L2T What’s your real name?

CHINGY Howard. It sucks.

L2T So who calls you Chingy and who calls you Howard?

CHINGY Chingy is when Chingy is on TV performing. Then Howard, that’s when I’m just off on my own thing. I get people coming up to me like, ”What’s your name?” And I be like, ”Howard.” And they be like, ”Aw, I thought you were somebody else.”

Round 3: Feet First

L2T How do girls in rap videos make their butts do that shaking thing? And why is that attractive?

CHINGY Because if you’re a man, it just turns you on, women shaking their…body parts that you may like. But I don’t know how they do it.

L2T Okay, what would totally turn you off?

CHINGY Ugly personality. And, um, ugly feet.

L2T Ugly feet?

CHINGY I’m a feet person.

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