Six Feet Under: John P. Johnson
Gary Susman
November 08, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

The Fisher family is getting ready for a final undertaking. According to the Hollywood Reporter, HBO is ready to pay its last respects to Six Feet Under. The upcoming fifth season of the drama set in the Fishers’ funeral home, which begins production next week and will air sometime in 2005, will be the show’s last. Its departure marks the end of HBO’s classic Sunday night lineup, which saw Sex and the City wind down earlier this year, and which will see the final season of The Sopranos in 2006.

Though Six Feet Under‘s ratings had slipped this year, the decision to bury the show was apparently that of creator Alan Ball, who the Reporter said felt the story will have run its creative course after 12 more episodes. ”Working on Six Feet Under has been enormously fulfilling creatively, but if the show is about anything, it’s about the fact that everything comes to an end,” Ball said in a statement. ”I will miss working with such enormously talented writers, cast, staff and crew and I’ll always be grateful to HBO for allowing and encouraging us to tell the story we set out to tell in a challenging and uncompromising way.”

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