Pieces of April: Teddy Maki
EW Staff
November 20, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Thanksgiving movies: ”Pieces of April”

PILGRIMS Joy Burns (Patricia Clarkson), husband Jim (Oliver Platt), and two of their kids pile into the car and drive to New York City, where black-sheep daughter April (Katie Holmes, above) is preparing Thanksgiving dinner for them in her tiny apartment on the gritty Lower East Side.

FAMILY SECRET April hasn’t told her family that her boyfriend Bobby (Derek Luke) is black.

MEMORABLE LINE While singing during the car trip, April’s sister Beth (Alison Pill) asks for any requests. Her mom’s response: ”That you stop.”

FUN WITH FOOD With her oven on the fritz, April searches frantically among her neighbors for a free oven in which to cook her turkey, which ends up being held hostage by finicky neighbor Wayne (Sean Hayes).

SIDE DISH If mastectomy patient Joy seems like the most fully developed character, maybe that’s because director Peter Hedges wrote the film as a tribute to his mother, who died of cancer.

REASON TO BE THANKFUL It’s a nice change to watch as someone else tries to please her parents during the holidays.

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