Gary Susman
November 22, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Of all people, you’d think the star of Freaky Friday would know that being a busy teen is really tough. Lindsay Lohan found out the hard way when she was hospitalized in October for what she now acknowledges was exhaustion. In her first interview since being treated last month, she tells Jane magazine that she took on too many commitments; she was shooting Herbie: Fully Loaded by day and recording an album by night. ”I was overtired and working myself to death,” the 18-year-old tells Jane. ”When you’re young, you think you can just keep going and going.” When she fell ill, she went to then-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama’s house.”He tried to take care of me, and I’m screaming in the bedroom. So I went to my doctor and he was like, ‘We need to take you to the emergency room.”’ She was happy to relax for five days in the hospital ”because I couldn’t work. No one could bother me.”

Lohan denied gossip that her hospitalization had anything to do with drinking, though she admitted to having ”a few drinks” at nightspots. ”I know my limits and I’m not an idiot,” she said. ”I’m not some young alcoholic.”

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