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EW reviews the latest in chick lit

EW reviews ''The Journal of Mortifying Moments,'' ''Don't Even Think About It,'' and ''Kissing in Technicolor''

EW reviews the latest in chick lit


On orders from her therapist, 31-year-old Kerry Spence records her most humiliating escapades. Source of Angst
”Gorgeous Sam,” the charming ex who tortures her with off-and-on declarations of love. Embarrassing Anecdote
On a London trip, college-age Kerry makes out with a cutie at a pub…but later learns he’s her first cousin. Lowdown
Despite the overly familiar quandary of handsome heartbreaker vs. honest nice guy, Journal scores with Kerry’s laugh-out-loud tales of shame (she has a one-night stand with a musician who steals her TV!). B+

DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, by Lauren Henderson

The three-way friendship of shy Jude, sexy Sally, and womanizing Michael is tested by adventures of the nonplatonic kind. Sources of Angst
Romantic tension, unplanned pregnancies, and a maniacally self-absorbed Frenchwoman. Embarrassing Anecdote
The spectacularly uncomfortable viewing of la mademoiselle’s nudity-as-serious-art. Lowdown
Henderson’s Brit wit adds Continental sheen, but two of the three main characters are too unlikable. Fans of Henderson’s sleuthing Sam Jones series won’t find any crimes to solve — other than ones of the heart. B-


Slightly neurotic NYC film student Charlie tolls on her first feature while loving and loathing Hank, her on- and offscreen leading man. Source of Angst
Hank, a hunky high-profile soap star with a penchant for Brazilian models and bossiness. Embarrassing Anecdote
An exhausted, tipsy Charlie ends up soaked and shivering in banana vodka (don’t ask). Lowdown
Mendle, a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology, adds intelligence to the genre. And while Hank remains inscrutable, Charlie is both realistically flawed and endearing. B+

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