Jeff Jensen
December 03, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

In the 1980s, DC Comics’ Swamp Thing title set the standard for creative risk-taking in comics, with stories that dealt provocatively with the environment, racism, and sex. But in 1989, writer Rick Veitch discovered the limits of corporate permissiveness when he penned a tale in which the heroic mound of moss traveled back in time to hang with Jesus. DC Comics was actually game . . . until they saw Veitch’s cover, depicting Swampie contorted in the shape of Christ’s cross. Veitch’s editors demanded a new story. Instead, he quit, and Swamp Thing No. 88 passed into legend. Both sides would ultimately forgive and forget; in fact, DC began reprinting Veitch’s acclaimed yarns in October. But while the scribe would love to retool the story and finish his saga, DC says a creative resurrection isn’t in the works.

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