Brian M. Raftery
December 03, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

In both The Passion of the Christ and the golf biopic Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius, Jim Caviezel speaks softly and carries a big piece of wood. Here, he tells EW his favorite ”Jesus goes golfing” joke.

This old man, Jesus, and Tiger Woods are out playing. Tiger hits the ball and it lands on the green; the old man turns to Tiger and says, ”Nice shot.” Jesus gets up there, lands the ball on the green, and it rolls in; the old man and Tiger say, ”Nice shot, Jesus.” The old man hits the ball, and it lands in the water, [where] a fish swallows it. An eagle comes down and hoists the fish out of the water, and the ball pops out of the fish’s mouth from the eagle’s talons, lands on the green, and rolls in. Jesus turns to the old man and says, ”You’re a show-off, Dad!”

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