EW Staff
December 14, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Pam Grier kicks butt in ”Coffy”

AS Coffy
IN Coffy (1973)

WHO IS SHE? In Grier’s archetypal blaxploitation role, she’s a nurse out for revenge on the drug dealers who ruined her sister’s life.

SKILLS Coffy’s creative weaponry includes a sawed-off shotgun, a syringe with a lethal dose of heroin, a broken wine bottle, and an Afro packed with hidden razor blades.

BATTLE GEAR A funkadelic array of ’70s fashions, all designed to show off Grier’s ample bosom

MALE ADMIRER Rising politico Howard (Booker Bradshaw)

DROP-DEAD DIALOGUE ”I’ll be p—ing on your grave tomorrow.”

CAN’T GET ENOUGH? Grier sticks it to the Man in Foxy Brown (1974), Friday Foster (1975), and Jackie Brown (1997).

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