Leah Greenblatt
December 20, 2004 AT 05:00 AM EST

Hot off their three Grammy nominations and an extensive U.S. tour, the Killers are finally looking forward to a nice, long rest. Not. In reality, they’ve got almost two dozen international dates left to play through March and hardly a minute of downtime in between. Here drummer Ronnie Vannucci tells us what would make their road trip feel a little more like home this holiday season.

1. A PERSONAL CHEF/NUTRITIONIST ”How rad would it be to have some really nice ethnic meal once in a while instead of the usual turkey sandwiches and deli trays? And made by somebody who knows what they’re doing, somebody with our health and our well-being in nutrition in mind.”

2. A DOCTOR ”Anytime you’ve got life on the road, when you’re in a 300-square-foot apartment on wheels with 9, 10 guys on board and a lot of coming and going and visiting different places and climates — and no personal chef — you’re bound to catch a cold.”

3. THEIR OLD LADIES ”We all have girlfriends. Everybody’s got their own lives, you know? But [to stay together] you gotta have a lot of patience, a lot of understanding, and you’ve gotta be close.”

4. A WASHER AND DRYER ”It would be so nice to have a washer-dryer because, you know, you wear that shirt for the show, and maybe you want to wear it again tomorrow but you can’t, because it’s standing up by itself in the corner.”

5. A MASSEUSE ”Around-the-clock, definitely. This is a wish list, right? This, of course, is never going to happen.”

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