Daniel Travis, Blanchard Ryan, ...

Open Water

Genre: Mystery and Thriller, Drama; Starring: Blanchard Ryan, Saul Stein, Daniel Travis, Estelle Lau; Director: Chris Kentis; Author: Chris Kentis; Release Date Wide: 08/20/2004; Runtime (in minutes): 79; Distributor: Lions Gate Films

A botched head count on a scuba-diving expedition leaves an already emotionally distant couple stranded in shark-infested Open Water. ”I don’t know what’s worse — seeing them or not seeing them,” says Susan (Blanchard Ryan), as fins are appearing. But director Chris Kentis knows. His understated (albeit digital video) what-would-you-do thriller bubbles below the surface — never feeling like a cheap tease.

EXTRAS The making-of and jaw-dropping on-location bonus footage (Kentis shoots in a true shark frenzy!) force an even greater appreciation. Watch those features first, and you’ll notice more sharks in the film’s frames. Enthusiastic cast and crew commentaries justify the nude scene and the controversial ending, give Daniel Travis props for his believable flailing, and reveal that Ryan may have overstated her courage in order to land the role: ”You’ll notice how I’m often trying to climb on top of Daniel…I was so afraid,” she admits. Actually, we didn’t.

Originally posted December 21 2004 — 12:00 AM EST

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