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Jane Seymour remembers Christopher Reeve

Sept. 25, 1952 - Oct. 10, 2004

Chris used to call me minifoot, because I have tiny feet. He had humongous feet, so Bigfoot was his nickname. There was a lot of him. And yet he was a little imp inside. When we did Somewhere in Time, right after he finished Superman, critics panned him for wearing this silly suit and looking really goofy. But he was goofy! And self-deprecating. I don’t think he thought of himself as even mildly attractive, or a movie star, ever. A lot of the magic on screen was very real. Chris taught me to sail and fly airplanes; we were like a couple of teenagers.

Over the years we developed a deeper bond. He’s the only actor to whom I’ve remained that close my entire life. My husband and I named one of our twins after him. More recently, if I thought transitions in life were difficult, Chris would always spend a couple hours on the phone inspiring me. Whenever I’d feel sorry for myself, it was a 10-second experience, because I’d go, Okay, how long does it take Chris to get up in the morning?

He used to say, ”Isn’t it funny? If I hadn’t had the accident, people would be pointing at me and saying, ‘Wasn’t he the thing in the cape?”’ He was driven to do whatever he could — unwilling to accept that he was in any way compromised. I think he literally pushed himself to the limit. (ITALIC {Reeve died of heart failure in Mount Kisco, N.Y.}])