Roseanne Barr remembers Rodney Dangerfield |


Roseanne Barr remembers Rodney Dangerfield

Nov. 22, 1921 - Oct. 5, 2004

The first night I met Rodney, it was all about the bathrobe. It was at Caesars Palace in Vegas, where a friend of mine was opening for him. She took me to meet him — I was really excited because he’s so great. He told us to wait for him and then walked out to the dining room in his bathrobe. And he went out to the tables and gambled in the bathrobe, too, which is just Rodney. He loved bathrobes.

Rodney said I should play his wife in one of his HBO specials. Usually, everybody’s just full of s—, so I was like, ”Yeah, sure.” But then he made it happen. He pretty much launched me. And not just me. He launched most of the comics out there now — Jerry Seinfeld, Robert Townsend, Jim Carrey. Comedians loved him. He was the one you could go to and ask questions because he knew the business inside and out, the art and craft of it. All of us went to Rodney for more than you can imagine. He was always there, just like your dad or your grandpa or something.

He’s one of the greatest that ever was. He totally brought stand-up comedy to a new level, because he created a character. And so everybody coming up did too, including me. We all created characters because we loved Rodney. (Dangerfield died of heart surgery complications in Los Angeles.)