Gary Susman
January 04, 2005 AT 05:00 AM EST

Jennifer Garner may be an invincible action heroine on screens big and small, but in real life, she’s been felled by a virus. Garner publicist Nicole King issued a statement on Monday confirming that the actress is ”very sick” from a viral infection. Her illness couldn’t come at a worse time; the fourth season of ABC’s Alias begins on Wednesday, and her movie Elektra opens on Jan. 14.

Elektra studio 20th Century Fox said that the 32-year-old had canceled all promotional appearances for the next week on the advice of her doctors, but King told USA Today, ”She’s taking it day by day.” King said she didn’t know whether Garner would be attending this Saturday’s Elektra premiere in Las Vegas. King also denied speculation that Garner’s ailment is morning sickness, insisting that Garner is not pregnant by boyfriend Ben Affleck. That’s good news at least for the costume crew at Alias, who won’t need to worry about designing skintight maternity wear for Garner’s fashion-plate spy.

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