Ty Burr
January 10, 2005 AT 05:00 AM EST

Thailand’s Pen-ek Ratanaruang made a nice little festival/art-house splash last year with the Bangkok slacker romance Last Life in the Universe, but adventurous renters wanting to dip their toes into Thai cinema would do well to seek out his startling 1999 black comedy, a sort of distaff Southeast Asian After Hours. Tum (the splendidly deadpan Lalita Panyopas) is a laid-off mouse of a secretary who finds a noodle box full of Mob money on her doorstep and an ever-increasing stack of corpses in her apartment. As the heroine sharpens up her body-disposal skills, obstacles include a drama-queen best friend, a nosy neighbor convinced Tum is shagging her cop husband, and a low-level hitman reduced to tears by a cheesy radio ballad that reminds him of his dear old mum. 6ixtynin9 is a surreal, grisly, and very funny serving of pad Thai.

EXTRAS The original Thai trailer.

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