Sick of Ashlee? We've got six great alternatives

Sick of Ashlee? We've got six great alternatives. Check out these overlooked pop-rock chicks who have genuine talent and excellent recent albums

Ashlee Simpson

(Ashlee Simpson: Neal Preston / Retna)

Enough kvetching about Ashlee Simpson — and her 2.6 million-selling debut album, Autobiography. Watch the second season of her MTV reality series if you must (episode 3 airs Tuesday, Feb. 8). But when it comes to her music, it’s time to let go of your exaggerated outrage — backing tracks! well, I never! — and turn your attention toward some deserving pop-rock chicks who got lost in the shuffle last year. Here are six flavors to choose from — start sampling!

Originally posted February 9 2005 — 12:00 AM EST


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