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Jimmy Fallon, Drew Barrymore, ...

For the Farrelly brothers, it was one of those good news/bad news situations. On the one hand, the lifelong New Englanders finally — finally! — saw their beloved Boston Red Sox whip the Yankees and storm their way to World Series glory. On the other, it totally screwed up their movie. ”Originally, the script had to do with a guy who was obsessed with the Red Sox,” says Bobby Farrelly. ”But we never figured they’d, you know, win.” In fact, it was a key plot point that the Sox wouldn’t. This second adaptation of Nick Hornby’s novel (a 1997 U.K. version featured Colin Firth as a soccer fan) was supposed to follow a sad-sack fan (Jimmy Fallon) who is so used to having his heart broken by the Sawx that he can’t quite commit to the beautiful girl primed to change his life (Drew Barrymore). Now the end of the movie follows the relationship over the course of the reallife 2004 World Series. And the boys from New England were given the kind of finale that you couldn’t script in advance. ”We got to shoot when they won the Series,” says Farrelly. ”That’s so cool!”