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Oscars 2005: Who we're betting on to win

Entertainment Weekly predicts who'll emerge victorious in the top eight Oscar matchups

Oscars 2005

(Oscar Odds Illustration by Tomer Hanuka)

Oscars 2005: Who we’re betting on to win

With those pesky hobbits out of the way, this Oscar race actually has some drama. And we couldn’t be happier. Wait, no — we couldn’t be more miserable, because it makes picking the winners so tough. Can Million Dollar Baby fight it out till the end? Has Sideways lost all its momentum? Will The Aviator’s Martin Scorsese finally take home an Oscar? We?ll know the results on Feb. 27. For now, having consulted Academy members, Oscar strategists, and our tea leaves, we’re setting forth our predictions. Don?t forget to send us a cut of those Oscar-pool winnings.