Gary Susman
February 24, 2005 AT 05:00 AM EST

Sure, American Idol is fine when it comes to grooming amateurs into professional pop stars, but what if you’re already a pop star, one stuck in a career slump, who needs grooming and a record deal? In that case, Babyface is your man. Variety reports that the Artist Alternately Known as Kenneth Edmonds is producing an Idol-type show that will feature a talent competition among well-known singers and bands in need of a career boost. His Edmonds Entertainment Group is co-executive producing the series with Stone & Co, the firm behind Making the Band.

Tentatively titled ”ReMIX,” the show would put eight pop acts from various genres through a musical ”boot camp,” in which Babyface and two other industry pros would give them a musical makeover so that they’d sound trendy again. Each show would feature concert performances, with the acts singing either spiffed-up versions of their old hits or new cover versions of other songwriters’ tunes. The audience-selected winner would get a unique record deal: an album whose tracks would be composed and produced by Babyface and other hitmakers. ”It’s the opportunity to put a contemporary spin on not just the acts but on the music itself that makes this so interesting,” he told Variety.

Edmonds is currently shopping the series to network and cable outlets. No word on which once-big acts will compete. Producers have approached some artists but won’t reveal who they are until the show has a home; Edmonds would say only that they would be ”talented and respected acts that are looking to appeal to a new generation of fans.” Color Me Badd, call your agents!

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