Meet the new cast of ''The Amazing Race'' |


Meet the new cast of ''The Amazing Race''

Good ol' boys, Barbies, a catty mother-son combo, and a pair of famous Survivors are among the 11 teams making a run for the million-dollar prize on ''The Amazing Race 7''

The Amazing Race

(The Amazing Race 7: Tony Esparza)

Meet the new cast of ”The Amazing Race”

When you tune into the seventh season of The Amazing Race, you already know what to expect: red-eye flights, bickering, miscommunications with locals, meltdowns, roadblocks, and close-ups of host Phil Keoghan’s face. Yet somehow familiarity doesn’t detract from one of TV’s most compelling series. The key factor is the teams: the various pairs of spouses, siblings, friends, and lovers who test their bond while circling the globe. Although CBS hasn’t provided us with a married-pro-wrestler couple this season, we will be meeting two lovable hillbillies, a pair of blond clones who swear they’re not identical twins, and five people with the last name Smith, as well as, for the first time, two celebrities, the millionaire engaged couple of Rob and Ambuh from Survivor: All-Stars. With so many duos competing at the start of The Plot to Annihilate Rob and Amber — whoops, we mean The Amazing Race 7 — here’s a handy guide to help you keep track of who’s who. It is here that you will find your next clue.