Raymond Fiore
March 21, 2005 AT 05:00 AM EST

Pop-punks of the world, give props to your maker: Billy Idol. That’s right, Mr. Rebel Yell himself is back with his first new studio album in 12 years, Devil’s Playground. So we thought we’d let Pierre Bouvier, frontman of current MTV pop-punk favorites Simple Plan (and host of the network’s new reality show, Damage Control), Indulge in some rockin’cross-generational small talk.

EW All right, guys, let’s break down the meaning of punk. I mean, didn’t punk die when you got big, Billy?

Billy Idol I destroyed it! [Laughs] Billy Idol destroyed it! But I mean, it should be destroyed. I think punk rock is an attitude, and it can be put into things. It doesn’t have to be a style of music.

Pierre Bouvier I’d have to agree. For me, we’re definitely on the pop side of things, but being punk is an attitude. You have to not give a s—, and that’s how I’m punk in my own way.

EW But punk’s also about rage. So what are you guys pissed about?

BI Same f—ing things. I had to take my son to school for years and face the same f—ing teachers I saw in 1970. You stand there and go, ‘It’s the same f—ing s— that I went through.’ There’s things about the world that always piss you off no matter how old you are.

PB It starts from parents and teachers, and it just goes on to other forms of authority. Right now, I’m pissed off at people telling me that my band sucks, that we should stop doing this joke and get a real f—ing job. I’m pissed off at critics who don’t listen to music and make reviews that are total bulls—. I’m pissed off that someone like George Bush can get elected.

EW Pierre, do you think they partied better in the late ’70s and early ’80s?

PB From stories I’ve heard, I think they did.

BI It was crazy back then. Everyone had sex at the drop of a hat. I know the drugs are still the same. I’m sure people are still having sex. I know I am. I couldn’t talk to the ladies when I was younger, but I could sing to them. . .

PB It doesn’t matter how ugly you are — you can get laid as long as you’re in a band.

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