Orgazmo: Bob Akester
Mandi Bierly
March 29, 2005 AT 05:00 AM EST


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Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Ron Jeremy
Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Trey Parker

We gave it an A-

A Mormon missionary with martial-arts skills (writer-director Trey Parker) accidentally penetrates the porn world and finds himself portraying a super-hero to earn money for his wedding. More than a love story, Orgazmo is a lampoon of cable TV ”titty movies,” a metaphor for the Colorado-bred South Park creators’ intro to Hollywood, and an excuse for Parker to see his buddy Dian Bachar (Orgazmo’s sidekick Choda Boy) wear a dildo on his head. EXTRAS The unrated version and Ron Jeremy-free supporting-cast commentary may fall limp, but Parker & Co.’s Macallan 12-fueled commentary — recorded over the film and deleted scenes in 2001 — should satisfy those jonesin’for this long-shelved release. Also included: a third audio track featuring fans like Bob Odenkirk, who channels John Huston (”This is a story that I wanted to tell with Humphrey Bogart”) and Akira Kurosawa; outtakes that confirm Parker’s weakness for fart throwing (his giggling ruins 10 takes); and multiple behind-the-genius interviews and featurettes (which yield the requisite anti-MPAA rant, Parker’s on-set directive to act badly — ”like Chuck Norris bad” — and the revelation that Orgazmo was conceived as a musical).

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