Whitney Pastorek
April 11, 2005 AT 04:00 AM EDT

EW reviews the newest books by celebs

In Nothing’s Sacred, Daily Show rant-master Lewis Black remembers growing up in the ’60s.

Star Power ”I saw Martin Luther King give his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech.”

Anatomy Lesson ”Apparently two teats can stop anything.”

History Lesson ”Nixon even brought us Watergate. . .but I can’t get into that right now because my nurse is on a break and I don’t know where she keeps my shots.”

Literature or Fake Book? Literature! Black’s master’s degree in playwriting pays off.


In The Moments, the Minutes, the Hours, soul singer Jill Scott shares her poetry.

Star Power ”John Coltrane peers from his framed home above her four-post bed”

Anatomy Lesson Verses about masturbation and prostitution aren’t FCC-friendly.

History Lesson ”Once upon a time the poet stood/Now the poet sits/Talking like somebody else/Claiming poet because they memorized it”

Literature or Fake Book? We can’t say we ”get” it, but doesn’ t poetry always = literature?


In teany book, the musician Moby and partner Kelly Tisdale cook up recipes and anecdotes from their NYC cafe, teany.

Star Power On opening night, ”Matt Groening hung out for a while, drawing pictures. . . .”

Anatomy Lesson ”Nothing relieves puffy eyes better than old tea bags. . . .”

History Lesson From the teany origin myth: ”Yetzl Teekne and his long-suffering wife, Gelda, left their cucumber farm in Belarus to come and seek a better life in the new world.”

Literature or Fake Book? Cookbook!


In Silent Bob Speaks, filmmaker Kevin Smith reprints columns from Arena magazine, uses a lot of profanity, and discusses poop.

Star Power On Ben Affleck: ”He may very well be one of the greatest human beings of all time.”

Anatomy Lesson Multiple quips about his small penis definitely aren’t FCC-friendly.

History LessonJersey Girl is, hands down, the best movie we’ve ever made.”

Literature or Fake Book? ”Barely a Blog” isn’t a category, so. . . fake book!


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