Peter Bonventre
April 18, 2005 AT 04:00 AM EDT

He wrote his first column for The Washington Post in 1926; his last on June 3, 1998, the day before he died at age 92. In this signature collection, All Those Mornings…at The Post, Shirley Povich writes of Babe Ruth and Walter Johnson, Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano, Magic Johnson and Mark McGwire. Name a major sports event of the 20th century or a social issue that impacted sports, and it’s a good bet Povich wrote about it. I knew Povich when I was a young sports-writer — not well, but well enough to share meals with him in places like Kinshasa, Zaïre (Ali vs. Foreman). He was decent and wise and generous. The same can be said of his columns.

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